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Healing From The Core

Healing From the Core applies a radical approach to physical and emotional healing through listening to the body's deep inner wisdom and allowing it to teach us how to navigate the ins and outs of living, working, healing, thriving and achieving our fullest potential.

In order to tap into our body's wisdom, it is vital that we first acknowledge our body and open to the possibility of letting go of the ways we may have stifled its messages to us. Many of us have been numbing our awareness with food, dulling our senses with overwork, and turning symptoms off by masking them with painkillers. This is a learned behavior as we do not live in a world where listening to our inner wisdom is rewarded.

As your nervous system heals, releases trauma, and regenerates at its own pace, you will learn to navigate your internal and external resources. As you use your body's innate wisdom as a guide to nourish, rejuvenate, connect with effortless joy and become fully present in your process of Self Awakening, you will discover deep levels of healing, vitality, creativity and joy.

Are you listening to your own inner wisdom? When you ignore the subtle messages of your body, mind and spirit  your vitality begins to fade; Ultimately you pay a high price for it physically and emotionally. You feel disconnected from your creative self. Your doctor says nothing is wrong, but you aren't yourself, you've lost your focus, you're exhausted and in pain. You have a sense that there might be an emotional component to your pain, but it's difficult to explain to anyone. You can't remember that last time you felt really good.

Healing From the Core is based on the groundbreaking work of Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, who has developed a comprehensive process of 5 principles to teach people to be fully present in their bodies.

In order to reconnect body, mind, and spirit, there are a few skills we have to re-member. First, is the ability to listen. Second, is the ability to understand or comprehend and then articulate what we hear.


Listening to your body involves many things, most importantly, feeling it. Sensations signal to you that something significant is going on. It is necessary to figure out what that ''something'' is. Feelings, both physical and emotional, tell us how we are doing in terms of our health, aliveness, creativity, and joy. Many of us, however, have not been taught to listen to these normal signals.

Articulating What We Hear

Our culture lacks a language that articulates well the internal sensations of being alive. So be imaginative. For example, if your shoulders hurt, is there a great weight upon them? Or are they being crushed together in a vise?

The image may possibly help you figure out the source of the pain, because you can then have a further ``conversation'' with the spear or the fist about what it is doing there. The fist might be trying to protect the heart from being hurt again. The spear might be pinpointing an area that has ''shut down,'' so that you can jump start it to being alive again.

So our bodies communicate with us -- we just need to take the time to learn their language. Slow down. Feel it.

Life-Giving versus Life-Taking Responses

We are always moving along a continuum between life-giving and life-taking actions, thoughts, and feelings. When our responses to experience are life-giving, there is more energy generated by what we are doing,

When we are responding in ways that are life-taking, we are trying to repress something, disconnect from someone or something, push it away, or tighten down. The body tells us when we are doing too much life-taking by developing symptoms.

So ''life giving,'' in a larger sense, means being connected to the life force all around us, the sea of energy we live in, so that we have access to whatever is nourishing for ourselves. ``Life taking'' then means closing off to some degree from that sea of energy that can and does constantly nourish us on all levels.

The ''Container'' Concept

The body is the container for our life force, for our spirit, our soul. So we use the term ''container'' to refer to the body -- as a vehicle or medium for all sensations and the flow of the life force through us. As we allow ourselves to feel these life-force sensations, we will have more and more of them. And as we do so, the strength of our ''container'' grows, so that no matter what life gives us, we can accept it. We can stay grounded and centered so that we make wise choices.

Furthermore, in order to have vibrant health we need to be ''in'' all the cells of our bodies. We operate best when all our parts are integrated, working together on our behalf. When we refer to the container of the body, we are referring to a system where, when everything is happening optimally, the physical, emotional, and spiritual all blend into one.

The Five Principles

To help teach people to feel the energy flow of life and connect it with their bodies, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana developed the Five Principles, which she also calls the "Circle of Life," because all the principles are equally important -- like points on a circle, they are not hierarchical in nature. The following explains these principles and how to apply them in your own healing:

  • Principle #1: Recognize the connection/separation continuum in your life, and where you are on that continuum at any given moment.
  • Principle #2: Acknowledge and widen your perceptual lens.
  • Principle #3: Recognize that you have a Core, your spirit, which is uniquely yours, and that you need to create a container that integrates your body, mind, emotions, and core essence, or Spirit.
  • Principle #4: Connect your Core to your Source.
  • Principle #5: Know that there is an ever-present Source of  nourishing life energy.

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