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Hours, Rates, Insurance

Appointments are available by appointment only:
Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
            To schedule call
(206) 293-4927 

         To make an appointment immediately:

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Massage Therapy & Bodywork Rates:

  • Wellness Massage rates:

This rate is available when payment is made at the time services are provided. Sessions may be paid for by cash or check: (No Credit/Debit Card)

  • $90 for a one-hour session
  • $180 for 2 hour session


One hour sessions are considered a therapeutic hour of 50 minutes on the table. Allotting time for intake and dressing.

  • Infancy Massage Class

This rate is for a private class of one hour: (Open to parents or grandparents who would like to participate)

    • $90


  • Medical Massage Rates
  • If you are receiving massage under a doctor’s prescription and are requesting reimbursement from your insurance company:
  • 97010 – hot/cold packs – $20 per unit
  • 97124 – massage – $35 per unit
  • 97140 – manual therapy techniques – $35 per unit


          Insurance Billing

    At this time we are accepting private sessions or MVA/PIP & LnI claims. We are NOT currently accepting new medical insurance clients. (Only MVA's and LnI Claims)


We will bill your MVA claim directly under the following conditions:

  • Auto Accident (PIP): verbal verification of coverage
  • Second Party Coverage: written verification of coverage
  • Third Party Coverage: health care lien will be filed and/or letter of guarantee signed by the patient’s attorney.                       

All MVA insurance billing requires a prescription or treatment plan from your primary care provider and verification of insurance coverage for massage therapy. We offer direct billing with your prescription to your insurance provider.

All treatments must be medically necessary and require a current prescription or treatment plan from your Primary Care Provider (PCP); that is, your Family Doctor, Chiropractor, Naturopath, etc. 

 ALL prescriptions for massage therapy requires the following information:

  • Diagnosis codes (ICD-10 code)
  • Number of visits
  • Start date
  • End date


CranioSacral Therapy Rates:

  •  CranioSacral Therapy: 50-60 Minute session: $120

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As in most healthcare fields, it is not a requirement to tip your provider. But tips are always appreciated!.


Clinical Hypnosis & Transformational Coaching Rates:

 All COACHING sessions are over the phone. HYPNOTHERAPY sessions are either over the phone for the comfort of our clients, or in-person at the clinic.

  • Integral Hypnotherapy: 50-60 Minute session: $130
  • Medical Support Hypnotherapy: 50-60 Minute session: $130
  • Transformational Coaching:  50-60 Minute session: $130
  • Regression Therapy & Deep Exploration: 90-110 Minute session: $225
    Past - Life Regression Therapy: (2-3 Hour session): $390

             Schedule ONLINE here.



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