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LipoLaser Sculpting

LipoLaser Sculpting uses laser therapy to soften the celular membrane so that it releases the fat stored inside the cell. The fat is released out into the lymphatic system where it can easily be eliminated from the body. 

The sessions are 30 min. You may choose one or two areas of the body to be treated. 

We recommend you follow your laser sculpting session with one of our infrared body wraps or personal infrared sauna, to support your body in eliminating the released fat quickly. This will make your sessions more effective and you will see quicker results. 


Benefits of LipoLaser Sculpting:


  • Body contouring
  • Weight loss
  • General reduction of waist, abdomen, and buttocks
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Collagen stimulation and generation






Q: Is it safe?


A: Yes. Lipo-Laser is completely non-invasive. No drugs or anaesthesia are administered for treatment. It causes no bruising, scarring or downtime for recovery.


Q. How many calories will a single treatment burn?


A. A single treatment may burn 400 calories or more.


Q. How many treatments are recommended and how often?


A. Frequency depends on your goals. For optimal results it is recommended to do a session 2 to 3 times a week. It is recommended to have a day in between treatments to allow your body to detox and eliminate the fat and toxins that your body is releasing with the Lipo-Laser.


Q. Do I have to exercise after my treatment session?


A. Exercise is recommended necessary for full effects to be achieved. Exercise activates the lymphatic system, which speeds the body’s removal of the fat and toxins released during treatment.


Q. What should I wear for my treatment session?


A. Loose clothing like yoga pants and t-shirt should be worn as soft, adhesive pads will be placed on the skin to administer the treatment.



Q. How long does it take to see results?


A. Results may vary due to metabolic rate, body type, and activity level. Changes may be observed after one treatment. For optimal result complement treatment with a healthy diet, exercise and detox program.



Q. What can I do to maximize my results?


A. We recommend increasing water intake and committing to specialized detox treatments to help flush released fats and toxins as efficiently as possible.

Uma Clinic is a holistic wellness center located in the upper Fremont district of Seattle. 

We look forward to being a part of your wellness team.

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