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Spiritual Exploration

Webster's dictionary defines spirit as: "The force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy and power, the inner quality or nature of a person". Oxfords dictionary defines it as "The nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character".

Spirit comes from the Latin word "spiritus", which means breath. It may be that our spirit is the life force that generates vitality in our bodies: the "breath of life" or "life force energy". This makes it a great power generator waiting to give direction and meaning to our lives. When this energy flows easily and uninterruptedly, we feel fulfilled, creative, joyful and complete

Religious and spiritual beliefs are a very personal matter. For some, spirit is indelibly linked with the Divine, for others it is a connection to their surroundings, nature, or other sentient beings.

Exploring your spiritual nature can be one of the most deeply exhilarating experiences of your life. You will find yourself energized, grounded, strong, and with a sense of absolute knowing that you are living life at your maximum potential.

Benefits of Spiritual Exploration:

  • Spiritual Communion With Your Divine Essence
  • Deep Sense of Purpose
  • Understand the Nature of the Higher-Self
  • Profound Connection to Others & The World
  • Explore Pure Potentiality
  • Develop an Ability to Laugh at Yourself
  • Discover the Dynamic Exchange of Giving and Receiving
  • Be Open to Amazing Opportunities Entering Your Life 
  • Attract People Who Understand You
  • Freedom to Be Yourself
  • Tap into the Infinite Organizing Power of the Universe
  • Manifest with Effortless Ease
  • Discover What it Feels Like to Come Home
  • Develop a Greater Awareness of Reality
  • Accelerated Personal Development
  • Increased Intuition
  • A Profound Sense of Personal Knowing
  • Experience the Divine Qualities of Love, Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness and More

At UMA CLINIC some of the Self-Transformation specialties include:
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