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Transformational Coaching

Transformation Coaching focuses on life choices and empowers you to be your most inspired and vibrant self by teaching you to access your intuition and to use it to consciously transform every aspect of your life. As you learn to listen to your internal guidance system you become aware of thoughts, beliefs, fears, habits, patterns and emotions that hold you back form embracing your true self.


Transformation Coaching employs holistic techniques designed to help clients change the way they see themselves.  You are given the tools necessary to re-create yourself. Everything in life becomes easier as you tap into the limitless resources that are already within you.


Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and desires.


We explore what we call the FOUR PILLARS of Self-Awareness: Conscious Transformation, Medical & Wellness Support, Spiritual Exploration, and Entrepreneur & Leadership Support. Although each one of these pillars can be discovered individually, the experience becomes truly transformative when we are healthy in Body, Mind, Spirit, and Business.

We believe that you, and you alone are the master of your life. We believe in you wholeheartedly and champion your dreams as if they were our own. We work alongside you and give you the tools necessary to change unhealthy habits so that you can achieve long-term success. We are dedicated to YOU reaching your highest potential.

Let us be clear! We will not do the work for you. We will hold you accountable, we will motivate you, we will champion you, and we will inspire you. But you need to show up! We work with individuals who are completely committed to their process of transformation, those who will do WHATEVER it takes to achieve their dreams!

You are the architect of your life. You have the ability to create the blueprint of your dreams. It is time for change! No more regrets! Embrace the ‘what ifs’. Open yourself to the possibility of achieving your fullest potential!

Are you ready to embrace your possibilities?

We offer sessions in person, via Skype or by phone.



Q. Who would benefit from Transformation Coaching?

A. Anyone who feels stuck, has a habit they want to change, a life choice, career choice, and more.


Q. What are the sessions like?

A. We offer in person, skype or phone sessions. We are trained in Long Distance Mentoring. We listen to the energetic responses and or blockages in your field and this informs our session. This gives us the ability to better guide you in your process of self discovery.


Q. How often should I have a session?

A. This really depends on your goals, how quickly you want to transform, and how much self discovery work you do outside of our session.

At UMA CLINIC some of the Self-Transformation specialties include:

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