Crystal Healing

Release old patterns of dis-ease

Crystals are extremely powerful tools for healing. They emit and channel a variety of vibrational energies to assist us in healing physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually depending on the crystal or combination of crystals used.

This series of healings are transcribed from the ancient texts of MU.

​Laying on of Stones Healing

One of the oldest healing methods with crystals dating back to pre-history. A lineage healing, this method utilizes polished clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and fluorite laid upon specific points on the body as you relax on a comfortable surface to enhance spiritual connection, aid physical healing, increase mental clarity and more.

​Benefits of this healing:

  • Emotional, mental, physical healing
  • Internal problems (internal organs)
  • Space reversal (dyslexia, loosing things, pituitary gland, aiding in soul retrieval, etc.…)
  • Time enhancement (Time management, etc.,)
  • Pure Mind (Heart mind connection to the mind of God)
  • Libido (hormones, women issues, menses, menopause, forces involved in creation, etc.)
  • Empowerment

Clients describe this as the gentlest healing they have ever received and tend to walk out of session “lighter”, “more relaxed” and “like my worries melted away.”

​Ancient Healing Rites with Crystals

This healing session clears out the patterns of “Old Wounds”, and “New Wounds” and clears the pathway and blesses one for “A Good Fortune”. This lineage healing utilizes polished clear quartz crystals and specific spoken words from Middle Earth.

Benefits of this healing:

  • Healing childhood trauma
  • Healing old patterns of dis-ease
  • Increasing vitality and health
  • Clearing out templates of illness
  • Transforming negative beliefs

This healing is from the Lineage of King Solomon.