Embodiment Exploration- Workshop Series

Manifestation is the embodiment of our mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies into physical existence. The physical plane is experienced with the senses, and to transform it we must become sensory masters. Embodiments are the sensory experience of manifestation; they teach the individual how to embody their potential.

​Workshops in this series: 
  • JOY
  • LOVE

The EMBODIMENTS METHOD is a game changer! It will transform your life and help you create the masterpiece you forgot you already are. It helps you discover within yourself your true power and unlimited potential.

Empowerment exploration:
When you experience an emotion such as joy, sadness, anger, or creativity you feel certain sensations on a physical level that tell you you are experiencing that emotion. You have the same messages when you meet someone you like or don’t like, or when you make a decision, your body offers subtle sensations that indicate the messages from your subconscious mind. This intuitive information offers you a choice on how to live a fully empowered, fulfilled and vital life.
Becoming empowered is a spiritual process. This workshops and classes will help you viscerally experience your potential. When you know what it feels like to embody your truest nature, you easily manifest any reality into existence. These workshops teach you to listen to your intuitive signals and to engage this inner wisdom as an ally in your journey of self-transformation.
What will you learn in this series?
  • Explore the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • Learn tools to support deep relaxation and healing.
  • Release trauma from your body and learn to regulate your nervous system.
  • Transform fight/flight/freeze into vibrancy and ease.
  • Learn tools to nourish and replenish yourself on a regular basis.
  • Learn how to ground yourself and explore healthy boundaries.
  • Develop trust in your deep intuitive nature.
  • Understand your power centers and how to use them for your benefit.
  • Explore the beliefs that are holding you back from achieving a fulfilled and vibrant life.
  • Lean tools to release old patterns of disease and dysfunction.
  • Explore how trauma affects the body, mind, and spirit, and discover practical every day tools to support your healing.

Location: Uma Clinic – Seattle

Date: Saturday, December 1-2018


          Early Registration: $195 (Received by November 1-2018)

          Registration: $235

          Price at the Door: $250

Time: 10am to 6pm


Erica L. Eickhoff is a leader in the field of BioEmotion. Erica has been in the medical field since 1993. She is the creator of BioEmotional Transformation, and the developer of EMBODIMENTS Conscious Thought Transformation and the Embodiment Exploration Workshop series. She has taught internationally and throughout the United States.