Workshops & Classes

The EMBODIMENT EXPLORATION Workshop Series teaches you to access your own system’s wisdom as a means to transform your thoughts and experience.

Manifestation is the embodiment of our mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies into physical existence. The physical plane is experienced with the senses, and to transform it we must become sensory masters. Embodiments are the sensory experience of manifestation; they teach the individual how to embody their potential. Once you have a sense of the experience you are looking to step into, it is easy to manifest the reality you have already lived.

​Workshops in this series: 

  • JOY
  • LOVE

The EMBODIMENTS METHOD is a game changer! It will transform your life and help you create the masterpiece you forgot you already are. It helps you discover within yourself your true power and unlimited potential.



This workshop series is designed to teach you to directly engage your Inner Physician as an ally in healing. These workshops are designed to give you the specific tools to live a fully engaged, vibrant, and healthy life.

  • You will learn to do your own healing.
  • Nourish and resource yourself in healthy, life-supporting ways.
  • Learn which beliefs, physical, and emotional patterns keep your system from fully healing.
  •  Learn to listen and trust your deeply intuitive nature, and how to summon that intuition in your healing.
  • Discern healthy, supportive boundaries.
  • Have a greater capacity of disengaging from a non-supportive environment
  • Look beyond the superficial symptoms of illness to the deeper root causes.

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