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Educating and Reintegrating Body, Mind and Spirit

Uma Clinic, a premier boutique MedSpa in Seattle, is a holistic oasis for rejuvenation and self-care. They believe that we are at our full potential only when we are healthy, vibrant and empowered. To help you achieve your wellness and personal transformation goals, they customize their treatments to aid you on your journey to be the best possible version of you.  Their top-notch staff has decades of experience providing excellent patient care. They specialize in medical massage & bodywork, cutting edge aesthetic medicine and body contouring, advanced transformation coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, and luxurious results driven skin care.

They treat the whole person with compassion, integrating “inner” and “outer” transformation when using the variety of healing therapies they have learned over their many years of dedicated study of the human body, mind, and spirit. They don’t work “on” you, they work “with you”. They believe that you are an integral part of your health and wellness. They work alongside you and give you the tools necessary to change unhealthy habits, so you can achieve long term well-being.

Their deep love for people makes their sessions fun, and makes individuals of all background, men and women, children and the elderly benefit more fully from their treatment.

They look forward to being part of your wellness team. Come experience the passion and dedication that defines Uma Clinic.

Uma Clinic was established in 1994 as a Holistic Healing Center specializing in:

At Uma Clinic our Bodywork & Massage specialties include:

Our Self-Transformation specialties include:

Our Body Sculpting specialties include:

Our Body Detoxing specialties include:

We look Forward to being a part of your wellness team.


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