Skin Tightening After Liposuction

If someone’s skin is experiencing laxity due to natural aging process or after significant weight loss or liposuction you might notice that your skin does not retract naturally. This results in loose skin throughout your body. Radiofrequency treatments heat existing collagen, causing contraction while also stimulating new collagen production, tightening loose skin.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening requires no downtime. And is commonly used to tighten skin on the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line, cellulite, stomach, arms and neck.

Radio thermal frequency uses radio wave frequencies to heat down to the deepest layers of the skin. The heat shrinks fat cells, tightens the skin, and stimulates collagen production, which gives a smooth and firm appearance to the outer layer of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive, safe for all skin tones, and requires no downtime for recovery. Radio thermal frequency may be applied on its own or in conjunction with the ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment. It increases the efficacy of ultrasonic fat cavitation treatments by tightening the skin after fat cells have been broken down and flushed from the body. Results may last up to two years.

Skin Laxity After Liposuction

Collagen is one of the proteins that gives structure to the body. It helps to give tone and tensegrity to the skin and underlying fascia. 

As we age, collagen production decreases, which results in skin laxity and wrinkles. Structural collagen production slows down after age 35, therefore wrinkles begin to form, and we may not have the elasticity to recover skin tone after liposuction, bariatric surgery, pregnancy, and other large quantities of weight loss.

Skin tightening after these types of fat loss can work well to optimize the treatment when we have less elastic skin.

What Affects Skin Elasticity?
  • Age – the older you are, the less elastic you are.
  • General health – healthy skin is more elastic.
  • How long you have carried excess weight – the longer your skin was stretched, the harder it is to bounce back.
  • Rate of weight loss – if you lost weight slowly over a longer period, your skin has time to adjust with your weight.
  • Genes – sometimes the elasticity of your skin is primarily out of your control.

Benefits of Skin Tightening After Liposuction
  • Smoother skin.
  • Tighten and lift skin.
  • Diminish shadows and dimples caused by cellulite.
  • Create a more youthful appearance.
  • Stimulate production of collagen and elastin.
  • Improved and healthier texture of the skin.
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crepiness of the skin.
What to expect about Skin Tightening After Liposuction?
  • Skin takes time to bounce back, so you may need a little more time for your skin to do its thing after liposuction.
  • Compression garments can help with skin retraction after liposuction, so make sure to wear them diligently.
  • Manage your expectations: if you have lost significant weight, then had liposuction to contour, the amount of loose skin may require a more surgical approach.
  • Do your weights! Strength training helps fill out the space in the skin with muscle before and after liposuction.
  • Be healthy – eat well, sleep well and exercise, and your skin will respond better to liposuction and skin tightening treatments.
How should I prepare for my Skin Tightening treatments?


  • Avoid alcoholic beverages 48 hours before and after treatment.
  • Alcohol dehydrates the body, and it is critical that you stay hydrated throughout your treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning beds prior to treatment.


  • Drink A-LOT of water for at least 72 hours after your treatment.
  • It is HIGHLY suggested that you follow up your treatment with the Infrared Solo-Carbon Sauna Treatment.
  • If any tenderness or redness occurs after treatment, gently ice the area up to 15 minutes.


Q. How often can I do Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Treatments?

A. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime for recovery. You need about a week in between treatments.

Q. What other treatments would you recommend for skin tightening?

We highly suggest you do a series of Microneedling treatments. This is a very highly effective way of tightening the skin. It uses your body’s own natural healing response to lay down new collagen. You may do Microneedling treatments every 4 weeks. We have also seen extremely good results with Plasma Fibroblast Therapy. Ask us which treatment you would be best suited for. 

At Uma Clinic we are here to help you heal from your Liposuction so you can have the most optimal results. Please see How to Prepare for a successful Plastic Surgery and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy for Plastic Surgery Recovery, and Lymphatic Drainage for Liposuction for more information.

We have many clients who come to us to help them recover from tummy tucks, Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL), mommy makeovers, facelifts, mastectomies, breast enhancements and reductions, as well as reconstruction surgeries post mastectomy.

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