BioEmotional Transformation

BioEmotional Transformation is a radical approach to physical and emotional healing which allows us to engage our deep inner wisdom as an ally to transforming and healing the Body, the Mind and the Soul.

By learning how to listen to our system, one can become aware of the information we are receiving down to a molecular level. As we tune into this information we also become aware of the subtle messages we receive from our inner and outer environment. We become conscious of the ways we have been stifling our own vitality and growth.

Physical and emotional trauma is stored in the body in the form of energy cysts. By inviting these areas to release the stored information and patterns, either physically or through dialoguing and imagery tools, we open up new space for the body to heal. As you release the triggering energy of the original event,  you are then able to clear your system of these beliefs and trauma.  You will learn to navigate your internal and external resources as your nervous system heals, releases trauma, and regenerates at its own pace.  Deep levels of healing, vitality, creativity and joy will become accessible to you. You can then regenerate, rejuvenate, connect to effortless joy, and become fully engaged in living life in the present moment in your process of Self-Awakening.


Connecting to SPIRIT will help you:

  • Foster spiritual communion with Your Divine Essence
  • Develop a deep sense of purpose
  • Understand the nature of the higher-self
  • Connect profoundly to others & the world
  • Explore pure potentiality
  • Develop an ability to laugh at yourself
  • Discover the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving
  • Be open to amazing opportunities entering your life
  • Attract people who understand you
  • Feel the freedom to be yourself
  • Tap into the infinite organizing power of the universe
  • Manifest with effortless ease
  • Discover what it feels like to come home
  • Develop a greater awareness of reality
  • Accelerate your personal development
  • Increase your intuition
  • Develop a profound sense of personal knowing
  • Experience the Divine Qualities of Love, Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness and more
  • Create inner peace

The Healing Effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the BODY 

In order to manifest your vision in the world, it is often necessary to evolve your relationship with your body and to deepen your grounding and presence.  BioEmotional Transformation helps you expand your somatic awareness, clear traumatic imprints, and develop the physical, creative, and spiritual resources you need to manifest your soul’s path.

The secret to accessing our innate power of profound self-healing is to learn to listen and interpret the subtle cues our body gives us. To consciously heal, we must explore and integrate our unconscious awareness into the present moment consciousness. We facilitate the journey from past hurt, injury, and trauma to access our unlimited healing resources.

Our body is the physical representation of our emotional, ethereal, and spiritual bodies; to heal the seen, we must first explore the unseen. The body is a direct manifestation of the subconscious mind.  Once we become aware of what was once hidden, we uncover choices which gives us the power to transform. Our beliefs change and our health transforms as we unravel the threads of what has been keeping us in unhealthy patterns.

As your nervous system heals, releases trauma, and regenerates at its own pace, you learn to navigate your internal and external resources.  We discover deep levels of healing, vitality, creativity and joy as we use our body’s innate wisdom as a guide to nourish, rejuvenate, connect with effortless joy, and become fully present in our process of Self Awakening

The Healing Effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the MIND

Our beliefs are being programmed into our subconscious starting while we are in-utero and continuing throughout our lives. This constellation of beliefs forms our personality and controls our capabilities, impacting every aspect of life. Whether these are positive thoughts and beliefs or negative and limiting beliefs, they have an profound impact on our body, mind, and spirit. To elicit positive transformation, we need to program our subconscious with high-quality thoughts, just like when changing software in a computer you download the most recent version of the program.

There is extensive research that shows that every function of the autonomic nervous system, composed of the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (breed and feed) subsystems. can be influenced by the subconscious mind. Every organ, gland and system of the body is affected by the mind. As Max Planck said in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, “Mind is the matrix of all matter.”  The body/mind relationship is so completely intertwined that it is practically impossible to distinguish between them. The implications of this are mind blowing.

During BioEmotional Therapy, self-limiting and negative core beliefs are systematically uncovered and replaced with positive, empowering thoughts that lead you to achieve your goal. Each session is tailored to your unique needs at that moment.  The techniques and modalities used can (and probably will) change in response to your mental, emotional, and physical feedback during each session.

The Healing Effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the  SOUL  

The Soul is our own personal imprint on the essence of life; like a fingerprint, it is unique and cannot be replicated. Spirit is the perfect part of us that connects us to Source which holds all of life; within it are many Souls of which we are one. Your Soul holds the essence of who you are, it holds your physical, etheric, mental, emotional, astral bodies, your personality, and everything that all put together resonates with one unique signature that is the individualized “I.”  The Soul is nourished by maintaining a deep relationship with Spirit, the divine essence of life; it thrives on divine qualities such as love, light, and grace. Just like a fingerprint is part of a whole body, we as unique Souls are part of the whole of Divinity. For us to be healthy, fulfilled, and connected to life we must feed our Soul by honoring our uniqueness within the whole of life. We must accept ourselves as divine beings experiencing a human existence.

Your Soul is having a human experience.  Before incarnating into this life, we decided what lessons would best suit your Soul’s spiritual growth.  Part of the journey of transformation is remembering your divine nature and the contracts, choices, paths we chose for your growth. As we bring the unconscious to consciousness, we are more in-tune with our Higher-Self. Our Higher-Self is always one with Source; it is this oneness we are striving to be conscious of.

Our journey as a human is to remember who we are. True healing comes from connecting to the whole of ourselves and fulfilling our soul contracts. This deep healing involves working with non-ordinary reality, all planes of existence, inter-life, past lives, connecting with Spirit Guides, and creating a solid link to Divine support.

Too often we are at odds with our Soul’s mission because we are not conscious of what it is. We are fighting ourselves. Soul healing is a Somatic-Psycho-Spiritual-Shamanic journey to align us with our best self, integrating all parts, living in integrity with the Soul and experiencing heaven on earth.

The Healing Effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the SPIRIT

Exploring your spiritual nature can be one of the most deeply exhilarating experiences of your life. You will find yourself energized, grounded, strong, and with a sense of absolute knowing that you are living life at your maximum potential. As we connects to Spirit, we expand present moment reality, we begin to see all possibilities and we live in awe of life, creation and the Divine.

Often the terms Spirit and Soul are used interchangeably. Although they both can refer to our non-physical existence. Spirit is already perfect and cannot be improved upon. It is the part that connects you directly to Source. Spirit is directly associated with the Superconscious qualities of Love, Grace, Joy, Peace, Potential, etc. The Superconscious, Infinite Field is the aspect of consciousness which is limitless and infinite in nature. It carries within itself the potential for any conceivable outcome. This Infinite Field of Potential has no boundaries or limitations on what is possible. It contains within itself EVERY probability, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small.

Within this Infinite Field exists any and every conceivable outcome, from rags to riches, from health to disease, from joy to despair. There is nothing that doesn’t already exist within it, regardless of the perceived enormity or impossibility in physical reality. Whatever can be dreamed of already exists. Besides all physical things, Infinite Consciousness also holds all non-physical things, the intangible, the spiritual, other beings, alternate planes of existence, anything, and everything. This Unified Field holds everything, everyone, every reality, every possibility that has ever existed and that will ever exist. It is all here and now in the present moment. Your individual consciousness exists within and is an integral part of the whole, Infinite Consciousness. You are like a drop in the Ocean, and the whole Ocean is reflected in the one drop that is you.  Connecting to and comprehending it is “Finding God Within”.

The Soul is always yearning to go back to Source, the perfect, complete state of being. When you are connected to your Spirit you feel light, love, aliveness, connection, and full of potential. Your Spirit is whole, complete, and already perfect; it is consistent, simple and timeless because it never leaves Source. BioEmotional Transformation clears the path to Source.

When you learn to work closely with Spirit, your guides, and expand your perceptual lens to include all possible realities, the best version of yourself shows up and creates synchronicities in your daily living. You feel whole, complete and connected and become one with the inner workings of the Universe.  BioEmotional Transformation is a key to healing, integrating, and elevating all aspects of your beautiful, valiant self.