Body Sculpting

We partner with Slender Body & Mind to offer you the very best in Body Sculpting and Weight Loss Management.

We make the process of finding your ideal weight fun and supportive. We understand your struggles because we have lived them. We can relate to the challenge of not having been born with the skinny gene and have created a holistic approach to body sculpting and weight management.

We incorporate cutting edge body sculpting techniques—think liposuction without the pain, down time or scar tissue—and detoxification treatments designed to maximize your weight loss goal. We teach you to change your thoughts to transform your body. We offer nutritional support. Our regular support meetings keep you motivated and on track to successfully reach your goals.

Some of our body sculpting services:

We recommend you take advantage of our detox programs to support the elimination of fat and toxic buildup from your body. This will make your Body Contouring session more effective and will accelerate the process.

We look forward to being a part of your wellness team.